Fionnuala Cook, September 10, 1985, is a writer and visual artist working in Chicago, represented by Alyssa Jennette of Stonesong Literary Agency in NYC. She is a mother, pyrographer, and union home health care worker. In August, 2016, she had a solo painting show in conjunction with the release of her book of poetry, Conspire is a word that means to breathe together, published by The EGG Gallery and Press. Her paintings have been exhibited in Brooklyn gallery Valerina Gallerina in 2015, and as part of the Collectif Idiom in Paris, France in 2014. She has published poetry, fiction, essays and illustrations in the print journals The Skeleton, The Landline Quarterly, Unsettling Wonder, and with Propertius Press, and has published a deck of Lenormand cards for divination. She welcomes opportunities for commission and to collaborate.